🀯 Countdoom: a Doomsday Clock client πŸ•š TwitterΒΆ

Python package to fetch and digest the current Doomsday Clock world threat assessment from TheBulletin.org.

Free software released under MIT License, with source code available on GitHub, Python package distributed on PyPI, and documentation hosted on Read the Docs.

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  • Fetches the current Doomsday Clock value from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

  • Converts the Doomsday Clock sentence into:

    • countdown seconds 60

    • countdown minutes 1

    • clock 11:59

    • time 23:59:00

  • Offers a command-line interface.

  • Uses Async IO for efficient Python integration.

Command-line interface output

Countdoom: a Doomsday Clock client.ΒΆ